Professional Service

We offer dedicated high grade Chauffeur's with advance driving, armed combat training & a high IQ for the urban & rural landscape. Our employees are confidential and discreet 

Our services range from short term to long term contracts at an affordable rate with an option to use your own vehicle (Ts & Cs) or to top up to our monitored and reaction service. 


Always Available

It is not a matter of status but a matter of securing your or loved ones future and or your corporations executive investments interests. 

Tact 24 offers experienced & trained Close Protection Operatives with a background in Military & Policing in both male and female genders. Our CPO's are discrete, respectful and dedicated to their vocation.  


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With growing security concerns when traveling to & from points of entry (Airports), holiday destinations & general point to point traveling, Tact 24 has transformed the shuttling service industry to accommodate the most concerned & discerning of clients by converging it with our security expertise, services & technologies to offer you the most secure transit service possible at an affordable rate. 

We also offer extensive calendared/ scheduled pickup services for corporate clients, corporate guests and other.



With You all The Way

South African is a beautiful & inviting country full of optimistic and beautiful people. Like everywhere else in the world, there exists opportunistic criminal elements which can target & take tourists by surprise. 

We offer inconspicuous dedicated armed security escorts for tour groups, couples & individuals. This service is rendered in varied ways for your convinced & comfort. Our operatives are extensively trained and accustomed to working with various nationalities including Middle Eastern and Asian clients.


A Critical Layer in Modern Security

As an advanced security company we base our services 100% on the philosophy of Proactive action in order to achieve our primary goal which is preventing the lose of life and secondly the lose of property.

We offer integrated Private and Commercial video and Alarm monitoring services with a unique ability to visually identify possible threats or confirm intrusions via CCTV from our control room as we dispatch a reaction team. This gives us superiority in situational awareness and specificity in our response to a threat.


Not just another Uniform

In a world of lethargic & ill disciplined guard officers, Tact 24 guarding services stand superior as a well trained, disciplined, alert and brave work force; further supported by an equally driven management team.

Our minimum standards are Grade C qualification, Tactical use of a handgun and a L3 First aid respondent certificate. We further conduct mandatory biweekly in house fitness & skills development training to our staff. 

Our guarded points are monitored 24/7 via our control rooms to drive site specific processes. 

Whatever the job, we’ve got your needs covered. Contact us now for a free estimate.



Go beyond basic Tracking & Escorts

Imagine a security company that employees technical innovations & High end skill sets to secure your valued cargo from A to Z as an integral part of your core team. Tact 24 provides in depth local, cross boarder & overseas support for the movement of goods & commodities.

  • Shipment planing 

  • risk assessment 

  • route planing

  • Tracking & Geofencing

  • Dispatch Solutions

  • Armed Escorts

  • Background checks

  • Driver Training (Anti-Hijack/ Safety)

Minimize your risk by working with Tact 24 as a partner of choice.


Information Prevents Cost

How do you know if your fleet vehicle is being used appropriately? Do you know if your driver has gone on a personal detour or parked for a nap. Why are fuel & service costs out of control? When is the next scheduled service for my vehicles? Do my drivers know how to drive? What is their behavior on the road? What caused the accident? 

How can I better dispatch my fleet?

Tact 24 Provides an affordable fleet and dispatch management solution which will provide you key information on the location, trip history, driver behavior, vehicle performance & in vehicle navigation on contract from 24, 36 & 48 Months fixed rate contracts.  Click here for a demo.



The Unexpected Element

With an ever growing spike in cash heists & high value goods, it has become a necessity for carriers of such to sourcing specially trained skills as ground support as an additional layer of security.

Tact 24 provides military grade skill sets with additional special training to support:

  • Cash in Transit vehicles

  • Cash centers

  • Dealer's & buyers of commodities

  • Producers of high value goods

  • Special Operations

  • and Affluent clients moving personal valuables  

Our services are confidential & highly professional.


We go the extra miles to meet the objective 

The reality of most crime incidents reported to the police or cases of internal crimes is that they are not followed up as they should be or are hindered by resource limitations or work overload. Regardless of the reasons, the reality is that most cases are not resolved.

Tact 24 proactively goes the extra miles to gather information and push the boundaries of would be limitations to produce leads and satisfactory results. 

  • Corporate & Commercial crime

  • Retail Crimes

  • ATM Crimes 

  • Surveillance 

  • Private Matters


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