A New Generation of Proactive Security

Tact 24 (PTY).Ltd is a level 1 B-BBEE Private Security Company based in Johannesburg South Africa which aims to lead as a Top 5 private security company in Africa within the next 5 years by converging ICT, Security Technology, Telematics Technology, highly qualified security personnel skillsets and adaptive dynamic management and managed processes. Our approach to security brakes away completely from the norm by taking full advantage of technology, information and continued advancements in skills and skills development to produce the best possible result in any risk or threat situation.

With such a unique integration of platforms, skill sets and processes as mentioned above, we are able to offer a highly informed real time service unlike any other company in the market within seconds through various layers, linked systems and processes.

We develop methodologies not only on prevention and securing but also on mitigating risk around the potential loss of life in the event of injury to clients. This approach was developed specially with Executive Protection and Home & Business armed reaction clients in mind in addition to our high standard of qualification requirements for our CPO's (Close Protection Officers), Tactical Support and Armed respondent operatives. We ensure that all of our operatives are trained and qualified in level 3 medical respondent skills or above as a complete circle of preventing the loss of life/ lives.  This is in addition to our Technical and Tactical approach which sets us apart significantly from the traditional security companies because we are fully prepared to prevent, protect and mitigate potential loss of life.

We offer end to end solutions aimed at providing tight security throughout the life cycle of each of our engagements with maximum degree of planning, verification, simulation, preparation, execution and wrap up, reporting and debriefing.

Tact 24 employs and further develops highly competent and qualified persons with a Military and Policing background with exception to none executive guarding roles . As a result we have a large selection of qualified employees of both male and female gender. We pride ourselves in being an employer of competent, qualified and highly professional women in an industry dominated by male operatives. We believe and invest in competency, drive, integrity and the discipline of all our employees without exception or compromise on these principles.

Qualifications within Tact 24 in addition to Military and Policing backgrounds and Military grade training include:

  • Level 4 qualified (CPO)

  • City & Guilds International Qualified (CPO)

  • Level 3 Medical respondent qualified (CPO, Tactical Op’s, Drivers & Guarding Officers)

  • Advanced driving qualified (CPO, Tactical Op’s & Drivers)

  • Professional Drivers Permit/ PDP (CPO, Tactical Op’s & Drivers) 

  • Tactical Firearms training qualified (CPO, Tactical Op’s & Drivers)

  • Minimum Grade C (Guarding Officers)

  • Advanced Tactical Training (CPO, Tactical Op’s)

  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance (CPO, Tactical Op’s, Guarding Officers, Control Room Operators)

Our bespoke security service are extended to individuals, leaders of industries and governments, government agencies/ departments with special security needs such as:

  • Executive Protection

  • Armed Escorts

  • Executive Property Guarding And Armed Response

  • Executive alarm and CCTV monitoring

  • Executive Vehicle Tracking and Response

  • Airport Transfers

  • Global Travel Security Watch.

  • Executive Events

We offer customized security services to:

  • Retail Business's

  • Shopping Malls & Centers,

  • Office Parks

  • Residential Sectional titles

  • Industrial Complexes & Plants.

Specialized Services.

  • Freight security & Escorts

  • Tracking of Cargo Vehicles

  • Fleet Tracking and Management.

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